Custom Registration Form

The first step to building your workforce is the registration process. Build your registration form on Rosterfy and simply embed the link on your website in minutes. With our custom question feature you can add, remove or re-order questions anytime. Don't lose an important team member due to an old, cumbersome form any more!"

Field Setup

We want to save you as much set up time as possible. We know certian questions are inevitable, so we have default questions to use from the start. Simply toggle questions on to display on the registration form as needed.

Registration Form

Registration Form Preview

Preview your custom registration form at any time! Be sure you are happy with the branding and look and feel plus the order of your questions before pushing them live.

Workforce Portals Platform

Registration Terms & Conditions

Rosterfy already stores a customizable page template for your Registration Terms and Conditions. This text displays at the bottom of the Registration Page, and is followed by a checkbox for the user to agree, before submitting their registration. Sleep easy knowing your workforce liability terms have been agreed to.

Enhanced Communication with Phone