Email Communications

We know communicating with your workforce is a critical step. 60% of time spent managing the workforce process is spent communicating details to your team. Use our integrated email functionality to easily create, send and track email opens. No more "I didn't see the email" excuses!

Email History

Use the emails dashboard to view recent email sends. This portal gives you the confidence that your email has reached its destination. You can track when, where and on what device it was read. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing your workforce is well informed and briefed before your event.

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Create Email Templates

Within the workforce management process, we understand you typically need to re-use similar email types leading up to your event. Gone are the days of copy and pasting content, use our email templates to set standard content and use mergetags to include specific details.

Scheduling and Group Management

Email Look & Feel

Set the brand for all of your emails, including colour schemes, links, headers and footers. Emails are built to be mobile compatible, so no matter what the device, your emails will always look professional.

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Schedule Emails

Schedule your sent emails ahead of time. It may be that you know that your team open emails at a certain time of the day. Give yourself the confidence that your email will be read by scheduling email sends either hours, days or months in advance.

Enhanced Communication with Phone