Training Manager

Create important training content and quizzes to share with your users. Use this platfrom to share important Health and Safety training information. Build these into your User portals so that your workforce are trained and briefed before setting foot on the event site. Make sure your workforce have all the answers and give them adequate training to ensure this is the case. An external training link is also possible for your contractors not yet within Rosterfy.

Training Module Content

The training modules give you full control on what your users are learning. These can be in text content, downloadable PDF or videos. Provide the content in the format best suited to your end users to make sure they can access and complete the training as easily as possible.

Training Content Quizzes

Customise quiz questions your Workforce will need to answer once they have viewed your training content. The system provides the opportunity for you to select one of four options to be correct. Make them as easy or as hard as you would like!

External Contractor Training

All events require external contractors. We also know how important it is to have these contractors trained on Health and Safety. Use our external training portal to give access to contractors to view content and complete relavant quiz questions. Contractors can then download a completion certificate for their records.

Enhanced Communication with Phone