Welcome to the

Pathway Program

Our process for furthering your career and obtaining your dream job.


Registration Form

To become a part of the EWG Academy you’ll need to complete the registration form and a series of online inductions.

First Step

Workforce Approval

After speaking to one of our friendly team you’ll be given the tick of approval to be selected for upcoming opportunities.

Second Step

Your First Shift

Welcome to the world of gaining relevant industry experience.

Third Step

One’s To Watch

Here you’ll gain access to paid roles, overall shift reviews, certificates and our resource centre.

Fourth Step

Grow Your Network

Networking is a key component to getting your foot in the door. You’ll be invited to our networking events enabling you to rub shoulders with industry professionals.

Fifth Step

Dream Team

To become a Dream Team member, Workforcers must complete an interview, take a Dream Team pledge and have a five star rating. The 4 star rating is based on punctuality, presentation, task completion, and initiative.

Sixth Step

Workforce Leader

Being a Workforce Leader gives you greater responsibility, job references, workplace opportunities as well as being shortlisted for full time industry placements.

Seventh Step

Industry Internships

The final stepping stone to obtaining that dream job. We’ll help you find internships at organisations in your chosen field.

Eighth Step

Full Time Work

Congratulations, you’ve done it! Not only will you be working in your dream job, you’ll have a permanent spot in the EWG Academy Hall of Fame

Final Step

Become a Workforcer today

Join the hundreds of workforcers today!