How It Works?

The simple step by step process for staffing events.


Register for client portal

Within 2 minutes you can have your very own client portal to access Australia's best Event Workforce Talent. Your client portal is your businesses resource hub to submit workforce requests, view quotes, download rosters, track invoices and submit and receive post-event feedback.

First Step
Upload Events

Upload events

Simply upload all key details and information about your event for our staffing team to commence sourcing the very best staff tailored to your event.

Second Step

Upload event training

With our in-house built technology Rosterfy you have the option to add online training to shifts which ensures your staff are briefed and trained. We also track that all staff have opened briefs before arriving on site to guarantee that you have a switched on crew ready to go.

Third Step

Track roster progress

When you submit your event our national staffing team will ensure all details are correct and pushed live to our 25,000 workforcers around the country. We will then select the most suitable team based on detailed individual profiles, interview results and past event feedback relevant to your event. 

Fourth Step

Instant quotes and Invoices

Upon adding an event you get an instant quote and invoicing to be stored within your portal to save you from needing to check through your inbox. You can also download these to share with your wider team.

Fifth Step

Receive post event feedback

You can request that staff provide you with specific event feedback and photos, these can be stored in your portal to create a database of past event history.

Sixth Step

Confirm timesheets and receive invoice

Post event you will be sent a notification to confirm that the timesheet is correct. Upon confirmation you will receive an invoice that will be tracked within your client portal for future reference.

Seventh Step

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