Staff Selection Process

Our process for selecting motivated and hard working staff.


Workforcer Registers Online

Students and graduates register online to start their journey with the EWG Academy.

First Step

Undergo Online Training

Registrants go online to complete event training modules including Activation, Operations and Hospitality training.

Second Step

Phone Screening

A member of our staffing team gets in touch with the potential Workforcer to find out what they’re studying and if they’ve got any event experience.

Third Step

Ambassador Interview

We have our EWG Ambassadors on the ground in each state who undergo face to face interviews with potential Workforcers before approving their suitability.

Fourth Step

Distinguish Role Suitability

Through online training, phone screening and ambassador interviews we distinguish which roles would be suitable for individual Workforcers.

Fifth Step

Staff Allocation

Based on Workforcers previous event experience and skillset, we allocate our Workforcers into specific groups that we can approach for the 1,000+ events we staff each year.

Sixth Step

Shift Ready

Once the Workforcer has fulfilled all the requirements they’re then granted approval to work at events under the guidance of our reliable and trusted Workforce Leaders.

Seventh Step

Workforcer Review

After each shift, Workforcers are individually reviewed based on punctuality, presentation, task completion and initiative. This is to ensure that we’re always putting forward the very best motivated and determined staff.

Eighth Step


We provide constructive feedback to Workforcers after each event to ensure they are always improving with the ultimate goal to become full time in the sports, events and entertainment industry.

Ninth Step

Proven Results


Annual Events


Motivated Workforcers


Annual Hours Worked

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