Account Branding

Whether it be your logo, background images or map icons, take full ownership of your portal and how it looks to your workforce.

Account Colors

Set up to two base colors for your account. These colors will be used throughout your portal and external facing pages. Be as specific as you like, Rosterfy accepts all color codes. There are no limits!

Registration Form


Can you believe it! You can even choose and edit your account wide font. This unique feature is unprarelled by other systems. We want you to be proud of how your account looks (and reads!).

Scheduling and Group Management


Upload your organisation logo which is shown on multiple pages within your account and external pages. You can edit this at anytime.

Enhanced Communication with Phone

Background Images

Set a static background image and a portal background image. These can be set on the registration form, end user portal page and event page. Get creative and make your portal stand out!

Workforce Portals Platform