Online Check In & Check Out Mode

Sick of paper check in sheets? Utilize our online check in mode to keep clean and real-time records. This feature can be used across all device types to streamline the process on site. Permissions can also be altered to allow multiple admins to check in your workforce at the same time.

Daily Check In

Use this shortcut to view and check in all your shifts for the current day. Keeping the check in process as simple as possible is critical, therefore limiting shifts viewable to your admins for that day is a huge advantage.

Registration Form

Search Users

The workforce check in process can be hectic, trust us, we know! We have therefore built features to steamline this process. Searching by username is the most effective way to quickly check in and view shift information per user.

Scheduling and Group Management

Check In By Shift

Should your workforce number be smaller, you can also check in users by shift view. Note the start times, break times and finish times are recorded. This allows you to keep track of volunteer hours and also for paid staff timesheet purposes.

Enhanced Communication with Phone