File Manager

File manager is your file repository. Typically you would need to attach seperate files to emails, but this feature now allows you to hyperlink files to emails, events and user portals to streamline all communications and keep files organised.

File Types

We have seen it all before and therefore cater for a wide range of file types. Files can be any of the following: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, ppt, jpg, JPG, jpeg, png, gif, up to 4MB.

Upload Images

Images are a great way to bring your account to life. The image library lets you upload images to your account so you can later add these to emails, news stories and event pages.

Scheduling and Group Management

Display files in User Portals

Keeping your workforce informed is an integral step to a successful event. When adding a new file (map, briefing doc etc) you can opt to have the file appear within the user portal. These can be seperated by user groups to control what users can and cannot see.

Enhanced Communication with Phone