Workforce Group Manager

Group Manager gives you the ability to best manage your staff in groups. It enables you to create and manage your user groups effectively and easily. Whether it be a charity group, corporate group or operational team, group manager gives you the ability to best manage your staff in groups.

Create User Groups

Create groups based on community groups, charities, event skill set and more. You can close events or shifts so that only pre-determined groups apply or confirm the positions.

Scheduling and Group Management


Provide a specific invitation link for a workforce group. This will automatically allocate new sign ups to this group. Perfect for when you want to segment your workforce by group. Send this link to a team leader and let them recruit on your behalf.

Scheduling and Group Management

Authenticated Member Lists

Dive deeper on the group member lists to display further details about each individual. This will give you greater transparency on these members within the one page. Eg. See their work experience without needing to click into their profile.

Enhanced Communication with Phone


You can edit, send out bulk communications, export, import, archive, accredit or update checkpoints for an entire group. Very powerful when managing large workforce teams.

Workforce Portals Platform

Group Archive

Archive your workforce groups. When using Rosterfy and archived groups, your lists to choose groups will be a lot shorter and you can keep your old groups as a backup just in case they need to be called upon later.


Upload Workforce Groups to Shifts

To fill a shift quickly, you can easily import a Workforce Group. Perfect for when you need to fill 20 positions at a drink station in one allocation.

Workforce Portals Platform