Interview Platform

For the ultimate in workforce screening, you can utilise the Rosterfy interview platform. This is set up to allow a seamless employers to employees question responses in face to face interviews via multiple device types. These answers will then appear in a users profile, providing your workforce manager with all the information to accurately screen and select the best employees.

Interviewer Script

Customize your interview questions and welcome script. This gives you the control over what you would like your interviewer to address in the face to face interview.

Registration Form

Preview Page

Before publishing the interview portal, you have the option to preview the page and edit any information. The portal can also be customised to your specific look and feel. Which you can learn more about here

Scheduling and Group Management

Summary Page

Automatically collate a list of users who have completed their interview and view their responses. This overview page easily lets you track responses and feedback. Use this to streamline the screening process based on your requirements.

Enhanced Communication with Phone