Want to know what your Workforcers are thinking? With our event specific survey platform, you can collect feedback to keep improving your events and be safe having the knowledge at hand to improve your workforcers on your next event.

Build Surveys into your Workflow

Include Surveys into your Workforce Workflow. Whether it be after a training session, or post event, Surveys are a great tool to make your Workoforce feel like their voice is heard.

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Question Types

There are 5 different types of questions that can be added to your survey. Whether it be a check box, text field or dropdown, make sure you customise your survey to capture the most relevant data possible.

Scheduling and Group Management

Export Survey Results

Download and analyze your survey results. This can be done via your survey portal or also by exporting responses into spreadsheet format. Store these results to reference in future years to continue improving your workforce experience.

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