User (Workforce) Portal Page

The workforce are the life-blood of your event. Why not give them the resources they need. Rosterfy allows you to provide a dedicated portal for your users to access anytime. It is the hub of all user involvement with your rosters, event information, news stories and personal details. Empower them to view all important information without needing to contact your workforce manager.

My Roles

The My Roles section is where users can view, confirm or withdraw from their shifts. Help them easily check their shifts so there is never any confusion.

Registration Form

Edit User Details

Users can edit and update their own personal information anytime. This process can save you hours and also helps ensure your database is up to date.

Scheduling and Group Management


Training, images and downloadable documents will appear under the noticeboard when set by the administrator. Keep your users in the loop with up to date documentation, feature stories and training links. Leave nothing to chance and give your workforce the resources they need.

Enhanced Communication with Phone

Upcoming Events or Roles Section

This section is the core of the user portal. The upcoming opportunities section lets your users view opportunities to apply for. No longer do you need to recruit one event at a time, let your workforce apply for your next 12 months of events at once if you so desire. Talk about maximum recruiting power!

Workforce Portals Platform

Event History

We love this feature! Allow your workforce to track the events they have worked. Whether it be a grandparent showing off to their grandson or a university student showing a potential employer their event experience. This feature keeps track of all events worked for each user and improves workforce retention dramatically.